Throwback Thursday: The Ishbel Shawl Addiction

A couple weeks ago, while I was teaching in Dayton, I found myself talking about something I always end up talking about while teaching classes - my Ishbel shawl addiction of a few years ago.

While it wasn't the first shawl I've knit, it was definitely one of the first shawls I fell for. HARD.

The first one I made was out of a Socks That Rock Mill End.

Here's what I had to say about it when I finished knitting is almost 5 years ago:

I would actually recommend this for first time lace knitters. I think the charts are pretty easy and you can easily tell if things are lining up (all those double decreases are piled right on top of each other). I never had to tink back more than 5-10 stitches (opposed to other lace when I am ripping rows and rows out).

To this day, I recommend this pattern for new shawl knitters!

Then I knit one this one for my sister to wear on her wedding day:
The Ishbel love continued when I made a worsted weight version during a KAL at an LYS that sadly has closed since then.
I'm not sure that I blogged about "Ishbel, the fourth" but there is evidence of this one on Ravelry....
This one went to one of my bridesmaids in my wedding. I knit them all shawls! (Not to wear at the wedding, of course, one of them had a Green Bay Packers color shawl...that would never have been allowed at my wedding. haha)

I really think that I knit a fifth one, but there is no photo evidence of that. :)

No matter the true number of Ishbel shawls I've made, it obviously made an impact on me. I still love wearing that first one every now and then to this day.

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