Throwback Thursday: Stitches Midwest

Since this week I blogged about my haul and the classes from Stitches Midwest this year, I thought it would be a good time to have a Throwback Thursday - The Stitches Edition. :)

This blog has seen a lot of Stitches Midwest action over the years.

Last year, with the help of my friend, Sandy, I was able to collect a whole lot of hats at Stitches Midwest. In the end, with everyone dropping them off at Stitches and mailing them to me, I ended up with over 700 hats to donate!

Stitches Midwest 2014 had a pretty good yarn haul.
Knitting Like Crazy: Stitches Midwest 2014 Haul
Some of that yarn has turned into things....some of it is still waiting to become shawls. :)

At Stitches Midwest in 2013 I took some great classes. I've used both the knit and crochet techniques learned in those classes in my designs! My 2013 haul added my first gradient yarns to my stash. It obviously started an obsession.
Knitting Like Crazy: Stitches Midwest 2013 Haul
And then there is the haul from 2008. It was a pretty serious shopping trip. This was back in the day when I was learning that you didn't have to buy all your yarn at a big box chain store. I went a little crazy that time.
Looking at this huge pile of yarn makes me happy though (even if it made kind of poor at the time). With the exception of that black yarn which I donated because after a couple years when I decided I was never going to make anything with it, all that yarn turned into something. And it reminds me of my obsessive sock knitting phase. :)

I hope you've enjoyed this look back at my Stitches Midwest adventures as much as I have!

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